Membership Criteria

Any rights based developmental organization / CSO/ association / movement can become PDA member, if it fulfills the following criteria:

  • Submit a completely filled membership form
  • Regular pay the membership fee
  • Regularly attend alliance meetings/activities
  • Positively contribute to the cause of PDA
  • Having minimum 2 year experience of pro people work
  • Adherence/ application of internationally recognized principles and standards (regarding best practices of governance and accountability)
  • Having strong gender components (Gender sensitized)
  • Robust internal audit and accountability system
  • Registered / affiliated as non-profit organization/ alliance / association
  • Having no proven involvement in embezzlement/corruption

The following supporting documents will be required to attach with membership application

  • Letter of Interest on organization’s Letter Head
  • Copy of Last two Audit Reports
  • Copy of National Tax Number (NTN) Certificate
  • Minutes of Last Board / executive committee Meeting
  • Complete Membership Application Form-MAF (stamped/signed) in Soft & Hard copy
  • Copy of organizations Registration certificate / affiliation certificates along with relevant documents.
  • Proven track record of working for human rights.

Guidelines for the Applicants

  • Contact PDA Secretariat for any clarity / guidance if required concerning membership application form (MAF)
  • Submit the MAF
  • One application per organization/ network.
  • All the information required in the application must be provided.
  • Checklist provided must be checked before sending application to the Secretariat.
  • All the required documents / forms must be attached with membership application form
  • The membership application form along with relevant documents should be sent to the PDA secretariat or email at ;
  • PDA Secretariat will process the application within three months after receiving the application or in the next Central Executive Committee meeting whichever comes first.

Disqualification of  membership

The membership may be terminated automatically on one of the following grounds.

  1. If the organization falls in to a situation or becomes incapable to the level which prevents the organization holding of the membership.
  2. If the organization is found involved in activities detrimental to the causes and interest of the state and society or is guilty of conduct prejudicial or contravening the aims and objects of the PDA; and or found involved in misappropriation of PDA funds; provided that no disciplinary action will be taken by the chairperson or CEC (Central Executive Committee) of PDA against any member without issuing show cause notice and affording an opportunity of being heard.
  3. If by notice in writing to the PDA Secretariat, the organization submits to discontinue the membership.
  4. CEC also has the power to disqualify or suspend membership of the member organization if it establishes that the member organization is or has been working against the interest of the state or society. Further this decision shall be solemnized by majority vote by the Board of Directors.
  5. Fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the PDA.
  6. Fails to submit membership fees on due date.
  7. Proved corrupt through an independent inquiry.

Membership Fee

  1. Membership fee for all members, including Founding Members, of PDA shall be PKR 25,000/- for national organizations and PKR 50,000/- for international organizations which will be payable in advance, at the time of membership and/or in the beginning of the calendar year.
  2. Annual Subscription fee will be PKR 5,000/- for national organization and PKR 20,000/- for international organization, which will be payable by December 20, of every following year.