Campaign on Climate Justice Nov 29, 2015

More than 5000 people got awareness and demanded that we need a new model of growth that is safe, durable and beneficial to all. In this mobilization we worked with different members of civil societies, corporate sector, media personnel, lawyers, politicians etc.

. •           To gather different organizations across Pakistan is one of our achievements to work in partnership as union and alliance.

  • To mobilize people that conference of Paris Agreement, a global agreement on the reduction of negative climate change which normally generally public had no awareness.
  • We have conducted awareness raising activities through rallies, walks, sessions, theatre, demonstration, message campaign etc.
  • Estimating we could reach 5000 people directly including young, old, farmers, teachers, gay communities, minorities, people with disabilities etc. and we have estimation of 5000*5=25000 people indirectly.
  • Through different events across Pakistan, we have strong Liaison with different people like from corporate sector, media journals, other donors etc.

Climate Mobilization