The Code of Ethics serve the following three purposes:

  1. The Code identifies the basic principles that reflect the PDA’s core values and establishes a set of specific ethical standards that are to guide the conduct and practice of members.
  2. The Code helps the members to identify and take account of relevant considerations when professional obligations conflict or when ethical uncertainties arise.

The Code provides ethical standards for accountability of members of the Alliance.

Core Values

The following are the core values of PDA for all its operations, programs, members’ interactions and communications. The Alliance is to uphold these core values in achieving its objectives. All members are expected to follow the principles and standards given below in the matters related to the Alliance:

  1. Transparency: All members and staff of PDA are to give top priority to transparency within themselves as well as in all affairs related to the Alliance.
  2. Best Practices: The members are expected to interact with other Alliances of diversified experiences, with a view to enhancing their organizational competencies and become ambassadors of best practices themselves.
  3. Accountability: All members and staff are to act honestly and responsibly above their own party/ organizational orientations, if any, in order to promote ethical practices of the Alliance. There shall be horizontal and vertical accountability mechanisms at all levels.
  4. Compliance with the Law: All the members and staff of PDA will conduct all activities in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the land.
  5. Courageous: Show courage while dealing with diverse issues of diverse population and groups.

Ethical Standard

 Commitment to respect and openness, fairness and non discrimination on any basis including but not limited to race, religion, caste, age, gender, sexual identities and sexual orientations:

  1. Neutral approach:
    All Alliance members must maintain a neutral approach, representing all significant views fairly proportionately and without any prejudices on any basis including but not limited to gender, sexual identity and orientation, religion, caste, color, creed, age, etc.
  2. Conflict of interest:
    It is PDA’s policy that founding members and others acting on its behalf must be free from conflicts of interest that could adversely influence their judgment, objectivity or loyalty to the Alliance in conducting PDA’s activities and assignments. The Alliance recognizes that members may take part in legitimate financial, business, charitable and other activities outside their PDA roles, but any potential conflict of interest raised by those activities must be disclosed promptly to the Central Executive Committee of PDA.
  3. The Alliance funds must ONLY be used for Alliance’s purpose and related activities through Central and Provincial/Regional/state Secretariats duly audited by reputed third party or elected/selected audit firms for this purpose.
  4. Public statements:
    Any statement, which is to be released for the press and general public in relation to the Alliance, has to be endorsed by at least 2/3rd members from the Central Executive Committee before it could be made public. (Members via e-mail, telephone and SMS can endorse statements)