CSM Survey | Quantitative Questionnaire

a. Freedom of Expression:
1. To what extent are you able to access the information you seek (including budgets & expense information) from government sources under right to information act?
2. To what extent are you able to freely express yourself in public without fear of retribution?
3. To what extent are you able to freely use the internet without any fear (to both access information and communicate)?
4. To what extent media is free to give coverage to your perspectives without any bias?
5. To what extent government is restricting freedom of expression by introducing different laws (restrictions include content blocking, suspension of communication services, attempts to enact draconian laws that compromise human rights in name of counter terrorism, national security and morality)?
b. Freedom of Assembly and Association:
1. To what extent are you able to organize/participate in public assemblies or demonstrations without fear of retribution?
2. To what extent is your organization is able to function independently and free of government interference in your district/ province?
3. To what extent does the district government facilitate the civil society in giving technical and legislative support when needed?
4. To what extent government provide security in your events especially on issues like peace & harmony in Pakistan?
5. To what extent hindrance is being created by the Government for assembly and association by introducing new procedural rules and regulations?
6. To what extent CSOs been prevented from opening or maintaining a bank account.
7. To what extent CSOs been required to undergo unnecessarily frequent (more than the law prescribed) fiscal audits, particularly for human rights organisations?
8. To what extent CSOs been prevented or restricted from receiving foreign funding?
c. State’s duty to protect:
1. To what extent district/ Provincial Government provide protection to individual activists, journalists and human rights defenders in your area?
2. To what extent is there effective rule of law in your District/ Province?
3. To what extent Government is creating spaces and supporting to develop and discuss new human rights ideas and principles and to advocate their acceptance at National/ provincial/ district level?
4. To what extent state authorities responsibly investigate the matter that takes place against the civil society?
5. To what extent state provide protection to Civil society to talk on ethnic (referring to the origin, classification, characteristics, etc., of such groups)/sexual (relating to the two sexes or to gender)/religious (relating to or believing in a religion)/cultural minorities (Refers to members of minority groups) for equal access to civic space and mainstream community actions

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